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How to care for yourself in the winter season

How to care for yourself in the winter season

Winter season is favorable for diseases, people are very sick in winter, The winter season is very bad for old people and children, in this season people suffer from cold, the risk of coughing like cough is greatly increased. So it can be beneficial to save yourself in the winter season. There is a lot of ways to avoid illness in the winter season, which I will tell you below, you can save yourself by reading this article written by me, In this article I will tell you how you can fight against the cold, and how you can save it, in this article I will also tell you, What should be consumed in the winter season and what should not be eaten.

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I am going to tell you now how you can keep yourself fit in these winter seasons and take away the disease from yourself and help you self by reading it carefully.

Sun Bathing Everyday in morning. 

Sunbathing is more important in winter , because they could warm you, Sun bath has many benefits too, Sun is a major source of vitamin D which helps keep your disease away from your body, Sun rays are helpful in removing bad cells from your body, if you can sun bath approx 10 to 15 minutes every day, This will help you stay away from the disease in winter, so for your healthy heath having sun bath every day.

Eat warm and healthy food in winter.

Food gives energy on your body, therefore eating good food is good for your health, So in this season, you should use food suited for this season, eat always warm food and avoid cold food, in winter season you can avoid like pumpkin, curd, cucumber, watermelon, and so more, you can eat only food how get warm you like, mushroom, ginger, garlic, onion, coconut, walnuts, turmeric etc. This food can warm in you on the winter.

Massage with warm oil before bath.

Bathe is the most brave thing in the winter season, so people often think before bathing, If you massage your whole body with hot oil before bathing then you will enjoy bathing, Massaging your body with hot oil makes your body warm and you do not feel cold, Hot oil massage helps eliminate dryness from your body, And it also provides strength to the bone of your body, Massage of hot oil ends your tiredness and you start feeling fresh, So massage the hot oil before bathing daily, and apply the fresh feeling, If you put some berries of garlic in it while heating the oil then it can prove to be even more beneficial, Because this will end the pain of your body and bones, because in the winter there is often pain in the body.

Daily Yoga will keep you away from the disease in winter.

Yoga is beneficial for every season, but in the winter season, it gives special benefits, because during the winter season, people get lazy and stay on bed for a long time, Which is extremely harmful to the body, and it also causes waste of time, You can do yoga for some time in the morning and bring your body fast, Yoga works well for you to make your body fitter, If you are not getting time to do yoga then make sure you walk fast, it will keep you fit in winter.

Drink more hot liquid or water in this winter.

Due to the lack of water in the atmosphere during the winter season, it can bring dryness in your body, so use enough water for drink, You might have noticed that in the winter your skin becomes rough or it starts bleeding, This is due to dryness so that your skin causes cracks, so use enough liquid, you can also drink hot soup, coffee and tea, so eat healthy and live wealthy.

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