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I live in China, I work in IT, I needed a vacation because I had been working long and hard, so I decided to visit India since it was a cheaper destination close to my home and there were so many amazing places to see. I have had a couple of girlfriends in my life, both were Chinese women, I have seen many Bollywood movies and I have developed a liking for Indian women after my eyes fell on Deepika Padukone in the movie Padmavat, I thought I could use this opportunity to have sex with a India woman just like I find people at Ahmedabad Escorts.

I had so much fun there, visiting all the tourist hubs, but then I also had the chance to break bread with a few Indian women, draped in sarees, with bhindi, and head shawls. I was completely mesmerized by their skin colour, facial features, body structure, the way they handled themselves and the best part to them was the bodies, they were filled in all the places perfectly, and so many spots to grab onto.

None of them were like Deepika though. I want to have sex with a sexy leggie like her, I went on many tinder dates, and corner of the internet for a girl like her to fuck, that is how I happened to glance some webpages that is when I found this free classifieds India on the internet the girl looked a lot like Deepika, I immediately knew this was the closest I could get to fucking her.

I called the person who placed a free classified ad on the website. After I went in, the girl picked up the phone and said she is an Ahmedabad escort and she said she will be available a couple of days later. I was in Pune, I travelled to Ahmedabad the next day. The woman had already booked a hotel and asked me to come there, I went with much hesitation, as I entered the room, this tall gorgeous, dusky woman wearing an old Indian saree just like in Padmavat. I sat near her, I could see now that she was really, I eagerly pushed away her head cover and kissed her on her forehead, I then pushed her on the bed and slowly undressed as I mercilessly explored and devoured every curve in her body, I squeezed her tits hard, as she moaned in pleasure. I bit her nipple, her lips, sucked on her thighs. She was the perfect companion and I had such a scintillating experience. I booked her for another day and had sex with her again, but that wasn't enough, I needed to have her again, so I went back to China got more money came back in a month and had sex with her another two times.

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