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Hey Hello Thanks for the select us, I said just thinking twice before getting plastic surgery story please subscribe to this channel hey hi Monica in this story is a my boyfriend New Delhi pressure hey I am on this story is about my boyfriend New Delhi Prasad me the having sextuplets started when we were watching a reality TV shelf about a girl who is raising her quadruplets people of the cell and grow with making millions of dollars after watching a few other cells my boyfriend new set me a if this kroger TV show because she had quadruplets what are you get pregnant with twins let's have one worker than her and therefore become even more famous Android ok becoming rich and famous was Weavers reasons have kid at althan he was crazy I mean I wasn't ready to start a family and I never wanted WhatsApp children maybe want to but he come to going on about having 5 children would change your life for the better my boyfriend new just didn't seem to care about my feelings did you really think I wanted to be pregnant with my baby is inside my belly I am only Avengers 5 feet on nearest 6p where will the baby is going to fit and if you were doing the have twin tablets. Hyderabad Escorts Hyderabad Best Escorts Model Escort in Hyderabad Escorts in Hyderabad Hyderabad Escorts Services

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There we are serve you the great fun I have the have in vitro fertilization that a very painful process with the doctor Tech eggs out of my ovaries the fertilizers and support them that into me it's painful expensive and without any guarantee F6 I told him that there was no way I would never do that can you just ignored me and continue to pray for me and the having win tablet saying that all will be fine once we will return payment but I don't think it's good but children to grow up with cameras following them all the time I want my babies have a normal third and why would any TV crew want to tell my Saini why it is ordinary people I try to laugh with another one stupid ideas but he begged me for months have can tablets and I begin to wonder maybe was a good idea after all I mean having a big family my pic great in the government give financial support for its child will be able to afford it take care of them one night I had a dream white hold my boyfriend new that I won't have win tablet it seems so real in so bright. Hyderabad Escorts Hyderabad Escorts Services Hyderabad Escorts Services Hyderabad Escort

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If you need us just call us I forget it was my subconscious telling me we should go boy to the next morning I told me I was ready to become pregnant with twins triplets is started during angora excited and promise me that this was the best surgeon I've ever made but when we went to the pearl jewelry doctor and till the main Bada planes even doesn't Mota Boba very dangerous for the mother and for her baby's that's why you are future help with that in insta my boyfriend finding another Doctor we had to pay extra money is important for fertilized eggs in ovaries the problem is that in vitro fertilization doesn't always work didn't know how many of the fertilized eggs with survive 10 but it also has been 10 weaving me with that couplets you can imagine how scared I was that something would go wrong but at least I had you by my side he told me that in the end the only thing that married with that. Hyderabad Escorts Escorts in Hyderabad Hyderabad Escorts Hyderabad Escorts Service

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If you need us just call we were together but after 2 weeks I was pregnant tommy we still had to wait for 12 week ultrasound when the big day came the doctor Toka Var = what you want to make sure he was it missing a baby but after 20 minutes I'm looking at the monitor it horror Shiva Singh V for peace in your expecting win tablet my boyfriend in Die immediately studies screaming and enjoy everything was going perfect and display and and then things god really bad after few months my belly God so big that all I can do with when bad stop going to the toilet in Hata p.m. to a portable women do is it difficult pregnancy and then I do so I had to have an emergency C section and my babies were born prematurely at 25 week my baby's I was going crazy there was just five babies the Doctor had overworked one of my babies during the ultrasound ended up sextuplets I guess you can imagine happy my boyfriend was the news for him having sex tablets was much better than having quinn tablets but more for my boyfriend new Thunderbird to be a great that today or babies 1 year old in taking care of them acquires my boyfriend and me to work as a team unfortunately well we don't have a TV show yet we conducted more than one ETV network but none of the monitor work with you. Hyderabad Escorts Escorts Service in Hyderabad Hyderabad Female Escorts Escort in Hyderabad Escorts in Hyderabad Hyderabad Escorts Agency Hyderabad Escorts Service Hyderabad Escorts Escorts in Hyderabad

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